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Organic Top Dressing

You might be wondering what organic top dressing is? Here at DuCotey Bros, we understand the importance of using organic materials such as manure, compost or shredded leaves as a top layer of the soil in your yard. When we use a top dressing, we figure out which organic material will be best adapted to your yard. This provides a large amount of benefits for your plants, from improving the water retention level for your plants and grass to reducing the amount of weeds and soil erosion that can happen. Using experience professional such as the DuCotey Bros ensure that we understand your lawn and know the right timing and amount of compost to use to best suit your lawn longevity.



Aero-vation is different than traditional core aeration. Traditional core aeration machines pull plugs from the ground, leaving unsightly piles on your lawn. Our Aera-vator provides 2 levels of aeration benefits for your lawn without the unsightly plugs. Our heavy duty machine aerates 9 holes per square ft while the rotary bar vibrates the tines to help break up soil and loosen the roots beneath the surface for increased water and oxygen absorption.

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There comes a time when most lawns start to look a little thin due to dry conditions or a foliar disease that could have caused grass to die. This will leave your lawn looking a little bit patchy which no property owner wants. Here at DuCotey Bros, we know how to work with you to ensure we help your lawn get back to one hundred percent. Overseeding introduces newer and stronger cultivated varieties of grass, keeps a lawn young and healthy, as well as improves the overall aesthetic look of lawn areas. Let our knowledgeable employees create a plan that works for you and your lawn.

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Seed & Sod Installation

When thinking about doing a lawn renovation, it is important you understand what will work better for your lawn. With years of experience, DuCotey Bros will understand the best plan of action for your lawn. With seed installation, we will till the soil and prepare the ground to ensure the grass will grow healthy, we will spread a mixture of seed, fertilizer and soil evenly over the area, as well as come up with the best water schedule for each customer to ensure that the seeds germinate and the grass grows. With sod installation, we remove any existing grass and debris, level the area and prepare the soil. When laying the sod, we ensure installation is in tightly fitted rows with no gaps. We suggest a watering schedule for you to ensure that your grass grows.

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Thatch Removal

Thatch is that brownish layer of organic debris that sits between the soil and the green leaves. A healthy lawn will have a layer of thatch as it helps hold the moisture and keeps the ground safe from excessive wear. However, a layer of thatch over 1/2" can prevent the moisture from reaching the roots, which will result in a shallow root system causing your lawn to be susceptible to disease and drought damage. Here at DuCotey Bros, we are experts in thatch removal and understand that there are benefits for your lawn including improving the health and appearance of you lawn as well as ensuring that the water, oxygen and nutrients reach the grass roots.

Why use DuCotey Bros for a Lawn Renovation

Improved Appearance

DuCotey Bros has the best interest of the client in mind when stepping on to a site. We understand that no one wants a lawn that is patchy, unkept, or has brown spots. Let the experts at DuCotey Bros help bring your lawn back to life and suggest ways to better maintain your lawn health. 

Healthier Lawn

With years of experience, DuCotey Bros have seen all the different reasons that can cause a lawn to become unhealthy including anything from weed infestation to thatch build up. Let the professionals at DuCotey Bros take a look at your lawn and discuss a plan to get that healthy desired look.

High Water Retention

Lawn’s can sometimes struggle with maintaining a healthy water level which can cause grass to not grow correctly. Here at DuCotey Bros, we can come out come up with a plan an help your lawn improve its water retention, create a better soil structure and add any fertilizers to ensure that your grass grows better throughout the season. 

Higher Property Value

We understand that curb appeal is very important.  When your lawn has brown spots or patchy areas, it makes the property look less enticing. We know that maintaining a healthy lawn takes time and understanding of what works best for your turf. With years of experience, DuCotey Bros can understand what your lawn needs and provide a plan that your property deserves.

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